genre: psychological thriller (with sci-fi elements)

Katrina is newly married to an older, rich, controlling celebrity businessman. She is desperate to give up cigarettes and other addictive habits before he finds out. Katrina’s younger sister Holly is a smart medical student who arranges for her to go to the acclaimed Hypnotharium addiction cessation clinic, run by Doctor Mittler, a brilliant but disgraced brain surgeon, turned hypnotherapist.

Mittler’s clients are the wives, mistresses and daughters of celebrities and power elite, and though is able to cure them for a high price, his real aim is to hijack their minds to continue his banned and dangerous brain experiments.

Mittler helps Katrina with her addiction, but then she becomes his pawn and he commands her to recruit new prospects.

Doctor Mittler’s original ambition was to use his unorthodox brain techniques to cure almost everything, but now he wants revenge on the establishment that has deprived him of his place in history – though if he can do it by showing that his methods were right, then the victory will be all the sweeter.

However, Mittler’s theories are wrong, and across the city, celebrity women begin to terminate, both others and themselves. To break the spell and save her sister and the other women in the clinic, Holly has to expose herself to Dr. Mittler’s most dangerous experiment – further complicated by the fact that she has fallen in love with him.