genre: action thriller

The US military is facing government cuts and dwindling oil supplies. Could they find an additional paymaster? The oil industry suggest a covert deal to fund the military in return for protection in the countries they are exploring.

There are reports of potential new finds in the recently created republic of Chertistan, sandwiched uneasily between Russia and China, but mineral disputes have turned the country into a conflict zone. The US has refused to help them and the future of the world economy depends on the outcome.

Captain Mike Harkness has an undeserved stain on his army record, nothing to lose and something to prove. A ruthless US Army General with a hidden agenda tricks him into leading an unauthorized and potentially suicidal secret reconnassiance mission to discover the extent of Chertistan’s oil deposits.

Dr. Kim Broad is an uncompromising British petroleum geologist who has joined the US army to advise on oil security. Kim and Mike become reluctant partners in a high octane race to save his men and uncover the truth. Mike must dodge the Russians, the Chinese, US drones and local warring factions to try to get the vital oil information and expose the general.